Delivering Innovative Engineering and Construction / Fabrication Services

Lukay Research and Development Ltd. (LRDL) is a prime engineering consulting firm that provides a broad range of engineering services in mechanical and industrial design. Rail Shop Services Inc. (RSSI) is LRDL’s associate company that fabricates, installs, operates and maintains products that LRDL designs. With our unique blend of scientific knowledge, practical experience and specialized skills, we develop innovative engineering solutions for tough industrial problems.


We have a long history of working with the railroad industry, and have gained a comprehensive understanding of railroad options, terminology, and industry practices and concerns.

Process Management

From pharmaceuticals to waste oil distillation, LRDL has the solution to handle the most unique of industrial processes. Drawing from our long history of rail yard waste water treatment plant design and installation, we are able to harness a variety of techniques to transform a process input into an output that meets government regulations or client standards for purity.

Municipal Stormwater Management

Using our knowledge and experience in process and fluid management, we have designed and installed reliable automated pumping stations for municipalities. From conceptual design to detailed calculations to procurement and installation, we provide a robust yet cost-effective solution. Being based out of Alberta, Canada gives us the advantage of having a solid understanding of northern climate conditions that have a significant impact on system performance.

Comprehensive Engineering Services

Edmonton-based LRDL has been serving clients in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec since 1970. We are known for our expertise in mechanical design — specializing in plant engineering and railroad plant infrastructure design. RSSI started operations in 2007 to better serve our clients by constructing LRDL’s designs.

Coal Respray Systems

  • BNSF Pasco Coal Respray
  • CP Tappen Coal Respray

Diesel Locomotive Repair Shops

  • CN Prince George North Locomotive Reliability Centre
  • CN Prince George Diesel Shop Locomotive Exhaust Hood

Locomotive Fueling Systems

  • CP St Paul Locomotive Fueling System
  • CP St Luc Locomotive Fueling System
  • Lukay Fuel Management System (FMS)
  • CP Golden Fuel Pipeline Replacement
  • GO Transit Willowbrook Fueling Facility

Freight Wheel Drop Tables

  • CN MacMillan Drop Table
  • CN Prince George North Drop Table
  • CN Fulton Drop Table

Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • CP St Luc WWTP
  • CP Toronto WWTP
  • CN Memphis WWTP
  • CN Taschereau WWTP
  • CN Symington Oil Water Separator Upgrade

Railroad Innovation

  • Locomotive Vacuum Lube Oil and Borate Recovery Systems
  • CN Thornton Yard Air Optimization
  • Locomotive Sand Transfer Systems
  • Vancouver SkyTrain Wash
  • Portable Compressed Air Measurement Rig

Railroad Wheel Shops

  • CN Transcona Wheel Truing Machine Repair - Hegenscheidt Rebuild
  • CN Toronto Wheel Shop
  • CN Prince George Wheel Shop
  • CN Prince George Axle CNC Lathes
  • Automatic Axle Wash Systems

Non-Railroad Innovation

  • GFL (former EIL Environmental) Distillation Plant
  • Radient Technologies Pharmaceuticals Plant
  • Shell Lube Plant

Municipal Stormwater Management

  • Parkland County Acheson Storm Pond Lift Station

Electric Power Distribution

  • CN Symington Yard Power Upgrades
  • CN Symington Hump Yard Standby Power Generators

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There's no reason to quit, even if a project is difficult or tiring. LRDL and RSSI see all projects through to completion. Our objective is to remain valuable to our clients: our reward is repeat business.