Railroad Innovation

Portable Compressed Air Measurement Rig

Designed and built a data acquisition tool for the measurement and logging of compressed air flow rate and pressure signatures. Provided trends for the charging of railway air brakes and can be used to track and measure leaks in compressed air systems. An essential tool to aid in the design of yard air systems and quantifying leaks in existing compressed air systems.

Locomotive Vacuum Lube Oil and Borate Recovery Systems

Successfully introduced and deployed vacuum recovery systems across CN and CP diesel shops. Significantly improved drain times of fluids from locomotives and reduced blockages and freezing. Provided modular outdoor versions of vacuum skids for operation in extreme weather conditions in outdoor environments. Locomotive coolant recovery and recycling systems prevent millions of litres of engine coolant from entering our sewage networks.

CN Thornton Yard Air Optimization

Optimized yard air supply for mass charging of train braking systems. Significant piping modifications and addition of reservoirs for efficient operation. Identified and repaired underground leaks. Vast improvement in yard electrical energy consumption.

Locomotive Sand Transfer Systems

Modified existing and constructed new locomotive sand transfer systems. Utilized either positive pressure or vacuum to transport sand via piping and hoses. Greatly improved reliability via automation. Prevented “sandblasting” effect on piping via careful use of instrumentation.

Vancouver SkyTrain Wash

Detail design of the automated exterior wash facility for SkyTrain passenger vehicles in Vancouver, British Columbia. Wash design was modified to be universal in application, able to accommodate the original Mark I and the new Bombardier Mark II vehicle style.

LRDL headed the multidiscipline team for process, environmental, civil and electrical design. Project design was fast track to install foundations and services in conjunction with major facilities and yard expansion. Wastewater design required investigation and treatability testing for precipitation of heavy metals from the wastewater stream.

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