Diesel Locomotive Repair Shops

Turn Key Solution

CN Prince George Locomotive Reliability Centre

LRDL provided turn key design and construction services for expansion of the existing locomotive repair shop, doubling the shop area and increasing the general service capacity from 3 to 8 spots. Project was undertaken as fast track with approval to completion in eight months. LRDL divided the project into separate civil, structural, and mechanical subcontracts and managed multiple lead contractors.

The project implemented unique movable hood design, high bay cranes, multilevel locomotive access, cross track platforms and upgraded traction sand transfer.

CN Prince George Diesel Shop Locomotive Exhaust Hood

Designed and built a one-of-a-kind automated robotic exhaust hood. The wireless hoods are a means of starting a locomotive inside the facility, capture the plume of exhaust and discharge the exhaust outside and allow the locomotive to drive outdoors for run checks, etc. The system solves the spatial problem of having an exhaust hood with adequate capture efficacy to exist in areas where there is an overhead bridge crane.

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