Health and Safety Mission Statement

As designers and builders of specialized machinery and processes, LRDL and RSSI carry the professional responsibility to safeguard the health, well being and security of our employees, clients and the public.

Our work requires our firm to see what has not been seen, do what has not been done and anticipate what has not yet occurred. To act and work safely necessitates LRDL and RSSI personnel to be well trained, disciplined and cognizant of the risk resulting from our actions. In design, construction and safety, the choices we make carry consequences.

Each employee carries the professional obligation to protect the public, to protect their coworkers, to protect the client and to protect themselves. No action is too small to be undertaken without a purposeful understanding of the consequences regarding personal and site safety.

LRDL and RSSI will provide the tools, training and management systems necessary to understand the relevant codes, regulations and practices to deliver safe and proper systems to our clients. We will supply this superior service through a dedicated and well trained work force knowledgeable and committed to safety and safe actions.

Get the job done.

There's no reason to quit, even if a project is difficult or tiring. LRDL and RSSI see all projects through to completion. Our objective is to remain valuable to our clients: our reward is repeat business.