The Process

The Rail Shop and LRDL Approach

Understand The Issues

At LRDL, we take nothing for granted. We know that successful engineering solutions are based on an understanding of the true issues. By using skilled research and paying attention to detail, LRDL gets to the root of the problem.

Look For a Better Way

LRDL's fresh, sometimes unconventional, perspective frequently challenges status-quo thinking. We use our technical skills to combine different ideas and technologies to achieve innovation.

LRDL and RSSI are committed to finding the solution that works best for our clients. We constantly re-evaluate project objectives and procedures to search for the better way. If we recommend a specific product, we know exactly where it comes from, why it is needed, and how much it will cost.

Test, Test, Test

At the outset of each project, we work diligently to test our ideas in virtual reality. In this way, flaws are discovered in our office, not on the job site. Make it buildable. At LRDL, it's one of our guiding principles: Ideas must be buildable. After all, a new design is of little value unless it is clear and technically feasible to the contractor.

Designs by LRDL reflect ease-of-maintenance considerations. Our firm's principals and employees have first-hand maintenance experience, both as consulting engineers and maintenance supervisors in industry.

LRDL and RSSI also have extensive experience with site issues during construction. We know and understand the options available during construction, and can modify projects should the need arise.

Get The Job Done

See below.

Get the job done.

There's no reason to quit, even if a project is difficult or tiring. LRDL and RSSI see all projects through to completion. Our objective is to remain valuable to our clients: our reward is repeat business.